I’m in LOVE

LOVE I’m in LOVE.  I’m in love with color.  If you have not already noticed, hence my tag line, Savor the Colors of the Moment. This solid 7” glass ball sits on the center of my round dining room table. As the sun sets over the Pacific, in the late afternoon, light streams in through my window. As the sun lowers over the ocean, each ball of air within this solid glass orb bends the light and reflects it by spraying rainbows of color. When I saw this glass orb I was just smitten. Then my practical budget minded self said to the sales clerk, “Do I really need this?”  He said, “Noooo, but I have one.” I smiled and said, “I’ll take it!” Acquiring this unnecessary but necessary object of my desire is just like buying art and much like love. “Do I really need this?” “No, but I have one.” Why?  Because we LOVE it, and it gives us joy every day. That is the reason to acquire art:  because you LOVE it, it makes you feel good. Because art gives you delight or because it will give someone you LOVE delight when you give art to them. DeLIGHT.  That’s the winged fluttery feeling we experience when we behold objects of beauty and desire. “Do I really need this?” " I don’t know, do you?"  I think you do.
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