Connecting to Creative Mojo

spell Creative collaborations are so very powerful.  They are adding to the Experience of Art that I'm currently creating for Mr. and Mrs. Neil of their contemporary Marin landscape painting. Thankfully I realize that I have some amazing and diverse creative talent in my circle. Todd Hedgpeth, a graphic designer, Leslie Harrington, an art director and book designer, and Dalan McNabola, a filmmaker. Being the ever industrious artist that I am, I decided to put them all to work in various creative collaborations. I first met my graphic designer Todd Hedgpeth at a business networking breakfast. Not only is Todd the principal of his own San Francisco based graphic design firm, TAWD Design, he is an instructor at the San Francisco Art Academy. Todd is as passionate and as particular about design as I am about painting.  I also majored in design so I'm a tough customer but I knew that he was the man for the job of creating my graphic identity. Leslie Harrington is an art director at a publishing house in London.  She is a dear friend and she is a sensitive and insightful book designer. Leslie's years of experience now benefit my patrons of an Experience of Art who get to hold a beautiful hard bound Creative Diary in their hands. And now guests of my Art & Wine Pairings also receive a beautifully appointed wine tasting journal as a lovely lasting memento. Filmmaker Dalan McNabola has edited three films featured at the Sundance Film Festival. Dalan directed, filmed, and edited the short film on an Experience of Art and now we are collaborating on an interactive film on Art & Wine Pairings, so stay tuned. These creative collaborations are so inspiring. I just love connecting with other talents and gaining their viewpoints, experience, and energy.  It makes for some serious creative mojo.
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