An Artist and a Filmmaker Collaborate

Ann2 I invented a complex concept with an Experience of Art.  And trying to explain a new complex concept can be a bit daunting. So I took the sage advice of my company’s advisory board members and sought out someone who has better story telling talent than I ever will. If a picture paints a thousand words, then how many words can a filmmaker paint with hundreds of frames and sound?  It turns out a whole lot. Now I did not want to work with a videographer, I wanted a creative collaboration with a traditional filmmaker.  Just like I am not an illustrator but a fine artist. The difference?  The videographer and the illustrator are tasked with crafting someone else’s creative vision. A fine artist and a filmmaker are engaged because of the visions that they create. My creative collaboration with San Francisco based Dalan McNabola was just that, a natural collaboration between two creatives joining their respective mediums. I knew that I wanted to work with this Sundance Film Festival talent because not only is he very creative but he is professional, intelligent, and he listens keenly so that he can tell the story. Of course there was specific information that had to be relayed about the Experience of Art. But how this was communicated, shaped, and edited, that was all up to Dalan. I just stepped back and I’m very proud of the dreamy, painterly, and suggestive film that he produced. Dalan created a short film that invites the viewer to not only understand and consider an Experience of Art as an incredible everlasting gift, but also gives the viewer a taste of my creative process from the inside to the outside. The outside vineyard footage was filmed at Robert Mondavi’s famed To Kalon Vineyard in Yountville, CA, the Experience of Art that I’m currently creating for Dave and Cheryl Compham. And the inside footage is shot in my San Francisco beach studio. I invite you to see an Experience of Art for yourself. I have one remaining reservation left for 2011 and I'm currently accepting applications for 2012. Celebrate. Reserve your Experience of Art.  Phone 415.387.2224. And if you would like Dalan McNabola to tell your story, contact him about availability at
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