The “Experience of Art” – the Gift that Keeps on Giving

gift Since I introduced an “Experience of Art” I’ve noticed a curious trend.  Nine times out of ten the “Experience of Art” is offered as the ultimate memorable gift.  And I could not LOVE this more because it is such a joy to be part of these precious exchanges. Examples include a wedding anniversary gift from the husband to his wife.  His thank you to me stated, “You helped save my marriage.” “Experience of Art” - a birthday present from the wife to the husband who remarked, “Ann has helped us gain deeper appreciation for life through art.” A real estate company in a gift of appreciation to their valuable clients mentioned, “I could go to any number of galleries and acquire an amazing painting for a homeowner, but it would not even come close to the personal memory and meaning that your “Experience of Art” will give my clients.” And one case where a women opening the next chapter in her life as an empty nester decided to give the gift of art to herself and she said simply, “I love your work, I’m not going to wait any longer, I deserve it.” Why is it so special?  I think it’s simply because the patron is involved in the experience.  Each recipient receives an elegantly wrapped invitation to an “Experience of Art." We experience the place that has meaning to them together. And we get to know one another. When I return to the landscape to complete a series of field studies I’m maintaining a creative diary online so that they can witness the evolution of their painting. Patrons have some input and control because they get to choose the study that I reinterpret on a custom sized canvas to suit their space. We celebrate with an unveiling party and I present my patrons with a signed storybook that chronicles their experience.  This captures their memory and shares the journey we travel together. An “Experience of Art” is about connection, the story, the memory and meaning.  That is the gift I want to help give.
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