What going through the Artist’s Mind?

[caption id="attachment_1423" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Ann Rea"]post[/caption] Collectors often want to know; but are sometimes afraid to ask, what is going on in my mind when I’m painting.  The truth is that less is more.  The busier my mind is the more distracted and less focused I am on creating. Think about this.  If you listen to the lyrics of most songs what is the musician talking about?  It’s usually love, relationships.  So what is stirring most in my mind, I confess, as of late, it’s mostly that. Love, relationships. Where do I feel the most depth of emotion?  Love, of course. After having ended a four and a half year relationship I’m processing my regrets, lessons, growth, and all of my feelings surrounding my former engagement. Thankfully, I am at peace and happy to be starting a new chapter in my life and excited as I watch new opportunities present themselves. So what gets expressed, what moves the charcoal line, the under painting, each stroke? It’s the color of my emotions. Even though my work is considered “representational” it’s not literal, it is emotive.  It’s not about a vineyard or a snowy mountaintop.  It’s about how I’m feeling in that moment. What’s intriguing is that although the viewer will never read my thoughts, my work can trigger their emotions.  That is powerful.  It’s this reaction from the viewer that I am most hoping for. While I’m engaged in the act of creating it is the depth of my feeling that motivates my expression.  My patron of the Deer Valley series benefited from my therapeutic expressions as I produced the most studies ever, thirty, for their single commissioned canvas. I might as well channel my energy in a positive and constructive direction so that I can transform it.  Painting helps push thoughts through my mind, moving, reshaping, and evolving them.  Just like a painting.
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