Think Less and Relax More

AnnsShadow Yesterday I sat sitting in front of a big roaring fireplace at the newly opened  Montage Deer Valley with a micophone wound around my side. I wondered what Rich, the documentary film maker, would ask. I began to feel self conciousness creep over me.  Then I reminded myself that all I really need to do is to reply truthfully.  I didin’t need a publicist or PR coach to prep me.   One of the first questions he asked was, "What is your inspiration?"  "That’s easy to answer.  Color.  Color inspired by natural light.  Emphasis on 'inspired by.'  Then there's the emotional content to the color I create, nature just provides the framework. Is it nature that we love or how we feel when we are in it?" The Montage Deer Valley is filled with gorgeous traditional original works of art.  I admire these paintings but my more contemporary approach departs from these talented artists.  Their works are more descriptive and literal.  I start with the literal, that I observe on the outside. Then I venture into a creative and sensual exploration of color, this comes from the inside.  The color of snow in Deer Valley is much more subtle than the lanscapes that I’m used to. It presents a whole new challenge that I’m embracing.  If you think snow is white, well, you’re thinking and not seeing.  Black is the absence of color and white is the complete presence of light.  Look closely.  You’ll see blue and purple maybe a tinge of green in the snow’s shadows.  In the light you’ll see yellow's cast from the sun and pinks.  There’s no grey.  Why?  Grey just does not exist in the natural spectrum, the rainbow.  If you’re seeing grey, think less and relax more.
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