Savor the Moment

webo Yesterday, late morning, my plane touched down in Salt Lake City.  A driver awaited as I collected my luggage weighty with art supplies.  We wound up the mountain and I watched the snow move sideways.  I felt like I was moving through a snow globe on my way to Montage Deer Valley. A lovely staff welcomed and oriented me to this stately yet warm resort.  After settling in, I strapped on my snow shoes with my guides Shannon and Rich, a film maker for National Geographic.  As we ascended the trail above the resort I felt the impact of traveling from sea level in the morning to over 8000 ft on top of a snowy mountain.  Shannon suggested that I bend over and let the blood rush to my head.  It worked. The sky had been overcast for most of the day. With faint shadows the landscape is flattened. But just as we began our afternoon trek, the clouds parted. The pines and aspens lit up and their long shadows bled down the mountain snow.  I love it.  This landscape and color pallete is so different.  It’s stark, minimum, and quiet.  I took so many photos that my camera's memory card filled up.  When I returned to my room I began sketching on canvas boards in preperation for painting these scenes the next day. But when I woke up ready to intepret those sunned landscapes nature had other plans.  The snow is falling steadily and the sun is nowhere to be seen.  I’ve had to shift gears.  I’ll work on my sunny studies inside and then trek back in to snow later this afternoon for a different inspiration.  I’ll savor the moment.
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