Northern California Concierge Show

photo187 Every other year the Northern California Concierge Association hosts a show and celebration in San Francisco and the members that I know urged me to join.  So this year Ann Rea, Inc. participated for the first time. I received a warm reception from these ambassadors to Northern California’s many beautiful attractions. Displaying an over sized version of my accordion folded brochure, one by one I greeted Concierge from the most prestigious properties.  Each of these dedicated professionals are in a constant search of new and unique resources to offer their VIP guests. So many Concierges were quite intrigued with an Everlasting Experience of Art & Wine.  They could see how this could really engage their select top tier guests. Concierge are always looking to please their discerning guests who have almost everything and who have done almost everything, VIPs who are hard to impress. The remark I heard throughout the day was, “This is fascinating. I’ve never heard of anything like this before.”  My reply, “That’s because I introduced the concept just last year and I do not advertise.  Most of my business comes by referral.” Many of the Concierges that I know are members of the prestigious Clefs d’Or. This group is naturally curious.  I’m impressed by their genuine desire to serve. Clefs d’Or is not a trade union but it is based on friendship between its members and a desire to assist international travelers and tourists. Clefs d’Or has membership in over fifty countries. You can recognize Clefs d’Or concierges by the keys displayed on the lapels of their uniforms. Les Clefs d’Or, pronounced, "lay clay door" is French and literally translates as "keys of gold."
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