[caption id="attachment_751" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="San Francisco based Artist & CEO"]San Francisco based Artist & CEO[/caption] One Christmas a friend of mine, also from Ohio, bought me a beautiful chef’s knife from the locally famed Warther Cutlery factory.  These knives are an Ohio tradition and they’ve been around since 1902. They’re often given as wedding gifts. There’s even a Warther museum, although I’ve never experienced the excitement. Since I wasn’t married, and I had no plans to be, I decided to treat myself to a full set of these knives.  With the wood block and everything. It was a splurge for a grown up kitchen.  Something I had not paid too much attention to until I made dinner for a chef and famed wine maker.  Then I realized I was under-equipped. When I called the factory, an unengaged woman answered the phone who sounded like she had been working there for twenty years.  I asked her how the weather was and shared that I was from a suburb of Cleveland called Parma.  “Oh yeaaah” she replied with a strong Ohio accent. Then she asked where I was now.  “The beach in San Francisco.”  Then she asked, “What do you do?”  I replied, “I’m an artist. I’m known for my paintings of Wine Country.” She asked, “Ya, you make a livin’ doing that?”  I said. “Well yes.  That’s what’s paying for these knives.” Her reply, “Yeah right!” “Ahhh yes.” Although I longed for a bit of nostalgia from home, in that moment I was reminded why I left.  There's a reason they call it "California Dreaming."
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