Longing for the Creative Side of Self

childrenWhile I’m out showing my wares I meet many people from different walks of life.  And because the story of my painting is so closely tied to my walk through life, I share this.  In turn, people share their stories with me. Last evening, Calistoga Ranch hosted me at their Friday night wine tasting.  I always look forward to these events because the staff is so very gracious and supportive.  And of course, the setting is beautiful. I met a little girl who was about five and she pronounced, "I'm an artist  too!"  She still held that confidence that she was a creative being.  I love this. And last night I met two guests in particular.  One used to paint and one used to sculpt.  I meet many people who tell me how they used to have a creative interest but then life happened.  One shared how she used to paint and then realized while she was sharing that it was actually “forty years ago” that she used to really enjoy this. These folks will look at my work and long for the creative side of themselves.  They’ll realize that this side has remained untapped and unexplored, and often since childhood. I can relate.  I didn’t paint or draw a single thing for over seven years not too long after graduating from art school.  But creativity was still within me.  My creativity never left, and that energy longed for expression. It’s healthy to create.   We are creative beings. I need to pay the rent and all of the other of life’s expenses so commerce is involved in my work.  And I happen to find marketing just as creative a pursuit as painting.  This has to do with an early marketing success in my life. My point is, if you just have some urge to paint, to sculpt, or to dance.  Do it! Don’t let forty years go by. You’ll live a happier and more content life.
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