Sunday, June 27th, join us at the Pinot Days Grand Festival at Fort Mason in San Francisco

Join San Francisco based artist at Pinot DaysThis coming Sunday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM  is the Pinot Day’s Grand Festival at Fort Mason in San Francisco showcasing over 220 phenomenal producers of Pinot Noir and some of my latest work. The world of wine never fails to provide an interesting and passionate community, that as an artist, I can easily relate to and connect with.  The perils and victories of making Pinot are close to the commitment and passion required to be a painter. On the second day of the Inaugural San Francisco Wine Harvest at Fort Mason, Lisa Rigisich, cofounder of Pinot Days, walked straight up to me, and my paintings, and said, “Your work is amazing.” Lisa said it like she really meant it, like she was feeling it. I can tell when someone is really looking at my work and is having an emotional response.  It gives me great joy.  These are the folks who become my collectors.  My impression was that she must have some creative capacity. It came to no surprise to learn that Lisa is a former English professor. Then she asked if and how I could participate in the next Pinot Days at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  Obviously, I said yes. Pinot  is one of my favorite grapes.  One that I was first introduced to by famed winemaker Kathy Joseph and founder of Fiddlehead Cellars. Kathy had a part in the movie "Sideways" that gave Pinot a big boost in popularity.  Kathy and her husband are among my earliest collectors when I lived in Davis. I’m looking forward to meeting more personalities and collectors this Sunday and I hope to see you there.  Register here.
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