Money and Stomach

annreaSquared Yesterday I had a phone meeting with a great gal from Texas.  Unbeknownst to me she’s been a fan from the Lone Star state, where I have a number of collectors, and where she’s been watching my career via She and her local wine industry colleagues are interested in commissioning me to paint vineyards in Texas.  Yes, there are vineyards in Texas, not just California.  And Texas is actually an established and growing wine region with spectacular landscapes in the hill country. She asked me how I came to do what it is that I do.  I explained how I came up with my initial marketing strategy and how I started my business.  One comment that she made, sounding like a true Texan, was that to be in business “you have to have two things, money and stomach.”  I laughed and replied “If you don’t have money you can get it if you have enough stomach.” Many people have told me that they think it was brave of me to move to San Francisco and to paint full time.  Ironically, looking back it took more bravery to endure a disimpassioned day job and to let my passion and talents go to waste.  I simply made a choice of commitment. The conversation yesterday reminded me of the complete commitment required to develop any enterprise and the other level of commitment required to honing one’s creative skill and artistic voice.  Despite the inevitable ups and downs of growing a business and the economy one thing remains constant, I’m committed.  And I don’t have the stomach for anything else but my art business.
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