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[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignleft" width="287" caption="Artist Ann Rea"]Artist Ann Rea[/caption] I’m asked if my collectors purchase original oil paintings at The answer is yes and many more of my collectors are acquiring my original oil paintings at  In fact, sales at have increased from an average of 8% over the past four year up to 27% last year. About half of my on-line collectors have seen my work in person.  For those collectors who have not, I can absolutely guarantee one thing.  It’s that if a collector really likes my paintings on their flat monitor, then they will absolutely love it in person.  My work is very textural and layered.  Can’t get that on a computer monitor. Also your monitor is only capable of displaying a limited range of color.  This range cannot match the range and sensitivity of the human eye.  As an interesting aside, I actually have colorblind collectors. One benefit that is stated, but not readily apparent, is that my oil paintings come framed.  I’ve chosen not to display my oil paintings on framed because this image on-line distracts the viewer from the painting itself. I also allow collectors to "audition paintings."  Collectors can acquire my original oils on, then they can hang it in their home or office, and live with it.  As long as it’s returned within eight days of receiving it, in the exact condition that it left, collectors will receive a full refund, less shipping.  However, no one has yet to return an oil painting that they’ve acquired at I invite you to stroll through my virtual art gallery, invite your friends, and enjoy a new convenient way to build your collection.
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