This Artist and Entrepenur is Ready for a Break

How do my Wine Country Traveling Patrons find Me? This year has been ever challenging and yet insightful. As I updated my business and marketing plans recently I was forced to review my business model.  By evaluating my business I was reminded of why I took this leap into an artistic career. I have chosen this path in my life so that I can have the freedom to paint, to express myself, and hopefully to have a positive and an inspiring effect upon others. I strive through my work so that collectors will pause, take a deep breath, become present, and savor the colors of a moment. The moment that I capture in oils on canvas, and the moment that they pause to drink in my color. This year my focus shifted towards individual collectors interested in custom commission works.  And so I’ve decided to limit my program designed for wineries to one potential series a year, and that’s only if I find a good fit. My work for individual art collectors can be so much more rewarding on many levels.  Not the least of which is the personal satisfaction I gain when I witness their emotional response and connection to the piece that I’ve created just for them.  Knowing that I’ve touched or inspired someone through my work is incredibly rewarding and it gives me the satisfaction of living my life’s purpose. However, painting, and marketing, and blogging can be exhausting and now I’m welcoming a break.  My fiancé and I will be traveling to Hawaii for a week to celebrate. Mele Kalikimaka!
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