De-clutter and Increase Your Energy

originsFeng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony within an environment.  Feng Shui's helps one improve their life by receiving positive qi, or energy flow. The state of your home and its energy says a lot about who you are as a person and how you feel, and the energy you have. Getting rid of clutter is the first step in Feng Shui and to increasing your energy flow. Removing clutter can be an overwhelming task but I learned a de-cluttering technique that simplifies and directs your efforts.  Start with your most cluttered room or closet.  The one that you know has to get done. You’re going to make two piles.  One to dispose of and one to donate.  Anything that’s broken is going to be disposed of unless your are really really motivated to repair it.  Be honest. Beginning at one corner touch or pick up the first object in the room and ask yourself these questions. As you hold or touch each object ask "does this give me energy or is it tired, is it broken? "If so, out it goes. Take your time with this.  Answer each question honestly.  It takes some energy and time to complete this exercise but you’ll feel a huge increase in energy.
  1. Is this something of pure utilitarian value that I must have, for example, it’s your only can opener.  If not, out it goes or answer the next question.
  2. Is this something of extraordinary sentimental value, your wedding photograph? If not, answer the next question.
  3. Is this a work of art?  Not a decorative piece that matches the sofa but something that inspires, that makes you feel when you look at it.
The art in your environment is not an afterthought. Art is most often the focal point of a room and it has more value and impact visually, and emotionally, than any other piece of furnishing, fixture, or finish. And unlike the other objects in your environment, it often increases in value.
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