When is the book coming out?

Ann Rea When is the book coming out? I’m working on it!  Soon.  Very soon.
 My book was actually born out of an abandoned book project.  I completed over 100 paintings of Sonoma vineyards that were to be featured in a book for a major winery, a very BIG winery, maybe even the biggest. Wink. Wink. It sure seemed like a wonderful opportunity at the start.  I even met with a top editor at Chronicle Books.  We had lunch, twice. But like with so many corporate sponsored projects, the priorities revolve.  I was handed to one brand manager and then another, and then I could hear the sound of crickets chirping.  They didn't care about art, they cared about their reviews and the politics that threaten what little job security they have.  Can't say I blame them.  The project lost momentum. Then it was just plain deserted.  Leaving me, holding the bag. Based on the enthusiastic response to my work and continuous national media attention fueled by word of mouth I decided to redirect my creative energy.  I was still determined to create a book, one that I could control, one that I would be proud of, and one that would not be tainted with a tired marketing message from a major winery. So I decided to take my lemons and make some damn lemonade, and the idea of “Colors of Terroir, and artist’s tour of Sonoma” was born. Last year I was commissioned as a surprise birthday present to paint Bob Proctor's garden, host of the move "The Secret" and author of "You Where Born Rich".  I was flown to Toronto and hung out with the man who appears on "Larry King" and who coaches Ellen DeGeneres.  And while I was there he coached me a bit.  Through Bob I met very notable authors, including Mark Victor Hansen co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul Series" and Peggy Mc Coll author of "Your Destiny Switch".  Last year Jonathan Fields profiled my business in his book "Career Renegade" published by Random House.  These authors, along my friend Leslie Harrington, an amazing book designer and art director in London, convinced me that the very best path to take was the rapidly evolving and exploding path of self-publishing.  Traditional publishing is in fact withering.  So really, it all turned out for the best. The content for the book is now complete.  The layout and editing is underway. And this is my book.  Nobody's book but mine. Now I’m beginning the sequel, “Colors of Terroir, and artist’s tour of Napa.”  This book will feature the privately commissioned paintings I create in and of Napa, no more corporate involvement.  I already have two patrons whose paintings will be featured in this book.  Now I’m looking for the rest.  So if you own a Napa vineyard, or you simply enjoy wine from a Napa vineyard, and you would like to commission a painting, and help sponsor this project, I’m currently accepting applications for 2010.
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