Even Painters need Technology

[caption id="attachment_141" align="alignnone" width="375" caption="This is what happens when a tractor runs over your iPhone."]this is what happens when a tracker runs over your iPhone[/caption] Even Painters need Technology On Wednesday I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and made my way to Healdsburg, CA in Sonoma county to meet one of my newest patrons, Mimi.  Her family’s second new home sits atop 228 acres bordering the winding Russian River.  The panoramic view is stunning. Mimi loves my paintings so she has commissioned me, but we have to determine what is going to work best for her space and budget.  This is where I get to draw upon my former design background. When I arrived, Mimi graciously met me in the driveway with a tall cold glass of iced tea.  Then she gave me the tour of her home and pool house where I photographed and measured each wall that would benefit from an art placement. What’s great about Mimi is she is completely open to suggestions and has turned to my experience and expertise.  The end result always benefits from this trust. Next it was time for a tour of her ranch.  She started up her Kawasaki Mule and off we went.  I was amazed at this tractor like machine that seemed to be able to crawl up walls.  I asked her to take me to the special places that hold her memories.  Mimi unfolded ten years of history contained in the beauty of her landscape.  We paused at each spot and as she recounted her stories of each place as I took photographs. We plowed up and down the hills of tall grass, visited Mr. Black’s rusted old car (the original owner), ate apples from the remnants of an ancient orchard, and drank in the beauty of the water on the shore of the Russian River. When we arrived back her family and friends greeted us. I soon discovered that my iPhone had plunged out of my back pocket during the bumpy ride to who knows where.  I had to leave so I accepted the loss. But Mimi was determined to retrace our steps and find it.  With her family and friends, and cocktails in hand, they roamed in the Mule.  I returned to my Pacific beach studio and I retrieved a message, she and the joyful search team screamed, “we found it!” I was so relieved and grateful. As you can see my iPhone took a beating.  But even painters must have technology, so I’ve replaced it with the new 3GS iPhone. Soon I'll be able to post video clips of my adventures and my meetings with the special people who are my collectors.
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